Who Won E3 2017?


Who won E3 2017? This was the question posed to me by my roommate. It’s a question that all the Gamers™ ask around this time of year as the conferences become old news and the convention wraps up. There’s an intense desire to compare the different publishers, aligning ourselves with the team we want to win. The team that made the biggest noises, had the most retweets and showed the best CG trailers. Okay, and maybe some genuinely interesting gameplay trailers. But it’s a desire I never really got. If you ask me who won at the end of E3 2017 I would argue I did. Why? Because there’s dozens of new awesome, beautiful, scary, intriguing and compelling video games coming out in the next year that I can’t wait to play. Continue reading

E3 2017 Predictions


This is my favourite time of the year. The entire video game industry is gathering in LA this week to announce new games, play new games, get excited about and disappointed about new games… It’s the stuff I live for. I like to watch all the conferences live and of course, make some predictions. Here’s what I got, thanks for reading! Continue reading

Best Studios & Publishers on Snapchat

Cover art used pixel controllers by Amaniness.

Snapchat is a marvellous app. Letting friends and family share pictures and videos of what’s going on then and there in their lives is why it appeals to so many. But Snapchat has been adopted by several big name video game studios and publishers in recent months. These studios share behind the scenes looks at their team, their games and their offices. Fans of video games love learning about the people who make them and some fans are fascinated and enamoured with the behind-the-scenes of game design and development. They want to know the people and want to see the work that goes into their favourite titles. Snapchat provides an excellent opportunity to get that perspective into games that can’t be found anywhere else. So here are some of the best studios and publishers to follow on Snapchat! Continue reading

Xbox E3 2016 Conference Recap


As E3 officially kicks off with the Xbox conference, there is a lot of catching up for Xbox to do if they want to stay competitive with Sony and the runaway success of the PlayStation 4. Microsoft got off to a stumbling start in 2013 with mixed reviews surrounding their announcement of the Xbox One. The focus on TV, apps, movies, features and basically everything but games really alienated the Xbox faithful who had been enjoying gaming on their Xbox 360. But since Phil Spencer has taken over at Xbox and begun changing the message to “games, games, games” the Xbox One and its ecosystem have been making huge strides in winning back those lost fans. And this year the course correction truly feels like it has worked. Xbox is once again about amazing games in an amazing ecosystem supported by strong indie titles, first party exclusives and the outstanding Xbox Live service. So whether you missed Xbox’s conference or want a detailed list of the announcements: this article is for you. Enjoy!

Xbox One S Announcedxbox_one_s_1

The long rumoured slim version of the Xbox One was announced and the 2TB version is set to release in August of this year with different storage sizes coming at a later date. The Xbox One S is much slimmer than the original, comes in white and will retail for $299 USD ($349 CDN).

Gears of War 4 Co-op Trailer and Details

Gears of War co-creator Rod Fergusson showed off Gears of War 4‘s new co-op mode in a stunning gameplay demo. Gears of War 4 takes place Continue reading

Awesome Video Games Coming in 2016


2016 is going to be huge. This will be the year of virtual reality as well as the next glimpse at Nintendo’s plans for the home console market. It’s also been three years since the current generation of consoles launched and developers are really starting to harness the power of the systems to help make games reach their full potential. This year promises not to disappoint, regardless of what platform you’re playing on. From robust, AAA blockbusters to intriguing, creative indie games 2016 has it all. But as everyone knows there will most likely be quite a few delays. Keeping that in mind here’s what gamers should keep an eye on in 2016:

Oculus Rift (Oculus VR) – Spring

The phenomena that made its way onto the cover of Time magazine is at last coming out for consumers to get their hands on. The virtual reality frontier is more exciting than it has ever been with plenty of competition hitting the market soon and many are anxious to see how Oculus Rift performs when it hits shelves in June. For more info or to pre-order Continue reading

My Year on Xbox


Xbox has done something cool. They’re giving players and fans the ability to look back at their year on the platform and look at their stats. By heading over to their site players with an Xbox Live account can look at a lot of stats from their year gaming on the platform. This is another great pro consumer move from Phil Spencer and the team over at Xbox who are having an amazing year of pro consumer moves. From Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One to a slew of exclusives that gamers could only play on Xbox there was a lot to be happy about for Xbox fans. Hopefully the good feels train can keep on chugging into 2016.

In retrospect it’s a little ironic that Witcher 2 and Fallout 3 are my most played games of 2015 when the super successful sequels to both of those games came out this year. Pretty sure I started to play both of those games to get ready for the sequels but just ended up playing the old ones for a while instead. Maybe I’ll play them next year!