E3 2017 Predictions


This is my favourite time of the year. The entire video game industry is gathering in LA this week to announce new games, play new games, get excited about and disappointed about new games… It’s the stuff I live for. I like to watch all the conferences live and of course, make some predictions. Here’s what I got, thanks for reading! Continue reading

Colin Moriarty is Why I Stopped Supporting Kinda Funny


I used to love Kinda Funny. It was my go-to for video game impressions, podcasts and just general entertainment. I loved listening to “PS I Love You XOXO” every Tuesday and I always tuned into the Kinda Funny Gamescast whenever I could. But then I began to watch with my girlfriend and she pointed some things out. Things that as I better understand some of the major issues with sexism and racism in video games the more I want to stop supporting them and vehemently challenge them. I started to tune into Kinda Funny less and less as I began to realise one particular voice embodied the many issues: Colin Moriarty. Continue reading

Top 10 Games of 2016


As game development becomes more and more accessible, more and more people are making interesting and different games. From indie studios, we’re beginning to see highly polished innovative experiences that challenge the traditional definitions of what it means to be a video game. While the AAA scene continues to pump out sequels for decade old IPs I continually find myself drawn to the new and different games, many of my most anticipated games of 2017 are first time titles for those teams. This year delivered incredible passion projects and massive, ambitious adventures. I hope you enjoy our 10 favourite games from the past year and I would love to hear what some of your favourite games were in the comments! Continue reading

My ProtoTO Experience


This past weekend Roberto Durant (@RobertDurant173), Professor Nicholson (@snicholson) and I attended Toronto’s very first prototyping convention: ProtoTO. Held at BoardAgain games on Dundas St in Toronto, ProtoTO was a three-day prototyping convention meant for designers of all experiences and backgrounds to get invaluable playtesting feedback on their projects. It was an all around great experience, albeit quite a sweaty one. I had such a great experience I wanted to share it with those who couldn’t attend! Continue reading

Most Memorable Video Game Endings


Now I’m not one of those people who believes that the ending of a game is the be all and end all. The journey and the story are leaps and bounds more important, that’s where you’re going to spend the majority of your time anyway. I wasn’t one of those people who thought the ending of Mass Effect 3 was the worst thing in the world and completely overwrote the other 100 plus hours I’d spent with the series. That’s just dumb.

That being said, a game’s ending is often the point when a game goes from good to great. A bad ending can leave an unpleasant taste in the player’s mouth. It’s the last thing they’ll experience, the last thing the game had to show them. If a game had an amazing story with many memorable moments and a great build up to an ultimately disappointing ending you know that will stick with the player. They’ll remember all the great times they had with that game and then remember being disappointed Continue reading

Introducing Power Couple Productions


Hello friends 🙂 I’ve been running this blog on my own for about a year now. A lot has happened in that time. I graduated high school, I got in to university and most importantly, I met my girlfriend Jen. You may not know this, but she has been helping me with my blog behind the scenes for a while now. She’s edited my posts, talked to me about the content and even inspired several of my pieces. She’s a hugely important part of my life and now I want to bring her in on another important part of my life through my writing on my blog. So today we’re happy to announce a re-branding of this blog from “Stephan Reilly’s Blog” to “Power Couple Productions”.


In case the new title isn’t clear enough, the biggest change from before is that Jen will now be a blog administrator and editor! She’ll be helping me with my articles, offering a great new perspective for those who want more than my fairly typical male gamer one. I can’t wait to continue to build this blog with her and provide interesting, thoughtful and new insights through our writing. Thank-you so much to all my followers from the old blog and I hope you’ll continue to follow my girlfriend and I on this new adventure!