Who Won E3 2017?


Who won E3 2017? This was the question posed to me by my roommate. It’s a question that all the Gamers™ ask around this time of year as the conferences become old news and the convention wraps up. There’s an intense desire to compare the different publishers, aligning ourselves with the team we want to win. The team that made the biggest noises, had the most retweets and showed the best CG trailers. Okay, and maybe some genuinely interesting gameplay trailers. But it’s a desire I never really got. If you ask me who won at the end of E3 2017 I would argue I did. Why? Because there’s dozens of new awesome, beautiful, scary, intriguing and compelling video games coming out in the next year that I can’t wait to play. Continue reading

My Love/Hate Relationship with Uncharted 4


Spoilers for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

I have a love/hate relationship with Uncharted 4. For me, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of the greatest games of all time and I stand by that. I was unbelievably hyped for Uncharted 4 since I saw that very first trailer at PSX 2013. In the ensuing 3 years of waiting and getting more excited, I eventually reached a point where it could never live up to my expectations. So when I was finally let into EB Games after waiting for it to open, got my copy and cradled it all the way home, I was already setting myself up for disappointment. Continue reading

Awesome Video Games (Probably) Coming in 2017


2016 is in the books and after a jam-packed holiday season with hits like Dishonored 2 and Pokemon Sun & Moon, everyone’s wallets are a little lighter. But moving into 2017 the releases aren’t slowing down at all. With huge console exclusives from all the big players and new hardware 2017 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years of the current console generation, if we still even have console generations anymore. So we compiled a list of the best, most awesome video games coming in 2017. Take a look! Continue reading

We Happy Few Preview

We Happy Few is a survival game released in Early Access for Steam and as a Game Preview for the Xbox One on July 26, 2016. It’s being developed and published by @CompulsionGames and is expected to fully release in 2017. For more info check out their site.

We Happy Few launched on Steam and Xbox One in early access this past week and I was so excited that I dove right in. After their extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, Compulsion Games seems to have gone the Early Access route to not only receive that invaluable player feedback but also help fund the rest of the game’s development. I’ve been fascinated by this title ever since I saw the first trailer last year showcasing the dystopic and peculiar world of Wellington Wells and its denizens. There is something quite beautiful and at the same time terrifyingly disturbing about the world built in We Happy Few and something that begs exploration. So I explored and what I found left me hungry for more. Continue reading

Stop Worrying About the NX Controller


When I first saw the leaked pictures of the NX (the codename for Nintendo’s new console) controller my first reaction was to panic. Why the hell are there analog sticks over the screen? Why are there no buttons? Wait, why is there a screen??? But then I thought about it for a while. Ever since video games made it into homes Nintendo has been there. They have put out the most memorable, most successful products for over thirty years and their success has cemented them as a household name. So why was my immediate reaction to panic when Nintendo has delivered new and innovative hardware before and delivered it quite successfully? This question prompted me to do some research.

Nintendo has always shown the consumer and the player what they didn’t know they wanted. Before the Wii came out back in 2006 no one thought motion controls would ever be anything more than a fad, a gimmick. But Nintendo Continue reading

The Greatest Fight in Undertale


Minor spoilers for Undertale.

There are so many delightful fights in Undertale that shake up the traditional RPG system that has defined the genre for decades. Undertale makes each fight a story. It takes each fight as an opportunity to create a meaningful character. The greatest fight in Undertale isn’t the last one. It isn’t the one where major characters can die or where the fate of the underworld is determined. The greatest fight in Undertale is actually a love story.

There are two knights, members of the Royal Guard. Both of them are the same shape and size wearing the same armour. Guard number one talks like a stereotypical bro. He says stuff like “We, like, totally have to kill you bro” and Continue reading

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions


PlayStation’s flagship franchise is back and it’s ready to kick ass. If you bought Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection this past October than you got access to the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta this past week on the PS4. Hopefully you got a chance to check it out, I did and here are my humble impressions.

Uncharted™ 4 Multiplayer_20151203231747

(drools all over dualshock)

I sat down to play the beta this week and I’m pleased to report I was thoroughly surprised. Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer feels as natural to what the essence of Uncharted gameplay is as The Last Of Us‘ multiplayer was to its campaign. Scurrying around firing blindly behind me or hurriedly scaling a wall to pull Continue reading