About This Blog


This blog started as a passion project of Stephan Reilly in late 2014. Originally as a blog on IGN it moved over to WordPress when Stephan’s account locked him out… It was just something silly, a place for Stephan to put his thoughts about video games and practice his writing. But it eventually became… well, it’s still just something silly. But! It’s also now grown and developed through hard work and passion over countless hours. It slowly over the course of 2015 and into early 2016 grew to having several hundred views a month and Stephan knew he wanted to make it more. So he asked his girlfriend (and love of his life) Jen Muir to join him as an editor, something he really needed. She agreed and Power Couple Productions, which was a running joke between the two of them, was born. This new blog carries a lot of the spirit of the old one but with a new perspective as well as twice the work able to be put into it. From small beginnings (much like Stephan’s amiibo collection) this blog has grown into the passion project that it is today.

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